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Your Advocate And Shoulder During A Divorce

Half of all marriages in this country end in divorce. Second and third marriages have even higher rates of divorce. More people than ever before are raising children as single parents. Separation and divorce are some of the most stressful events that can ever happen to you.

If you are going through a separation or a divorce, you may need a shoulder to cry on. You may need a friendly push to get on with your life. You may need both at different times throughout your divorce.

You will also need qualified legal guidance and representation, whether your divorce is contested or uncontested. The quality of your attorney is critical to the outcome of your divorce and your ability to move forward with your life.

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My name is Susan Pearlstein, and I am a Pittsburgh family law attorney with extensive experience in the family law courts throughout Allegheny County and Western Pennsylvania. I know what you’re going through; I’ve had similar experiences. You can benefit from my real-life and my legal knowledge.

Division Of Assets And Debt — Equitable Distribution

Divorce involves the division of marital assets and debts. In Pennsylvania, the split is not always right down the middle. The Divorce Code states that the marital assets will be divided equitably, which means that they will be fairly divided — fairness being determined by all the circumstances of your life and marriage.

Even if your neighbor down the street has the same house and the same checking account balance that you do, it does not mean that you and your neighbor will have the same property settlement. Any differences between you, like if you put your spouse through college but your neighbor did not, or if you have three children and your neighbor has two, or if your spouse has a chronic illness and can no longer work, will make a difference. I will help you understand your rights and options at every stage of this process and make sure that your property settlement is the right settlement for you and your family.

Other Issues Involved in Divorce

In addition to the distribution of marital assets, when you are negotiating a divorce separation agreement other issues can come into play, including child support, spousal support, prenuptial agreements, child custody, grandparents’ visitation rights and more.

There are even occasions when a husband and a wife will not agree on whether or not they have been legally separated for one year, which can be very important. Pennsylvania law states that if you have been separated for one year, then you can get a divorce even if the other spouse does not consent. I can help you to identify and resolve all of these issues; call or email to schedule a consultation.

Read about my commitment to each client and about my firm’s philosophy. If you have questions, see my page on divorce FAQs.

Remember: I Work For You

Whether you and your spouse agree on all matters of your divorce and simply want an attorney to prepare all the paperwork properly, or you anticipate a contentious divorce, I am here to provide you with the advocacy that you need, the counsel you can trust and the support that you can count on.

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*I practice law primarily in the areas of domestic relations and consumer debt. My law office is designated as a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.