Transforming Real-World Problems
Into Real-World Solutions

40 Years Of Family Law Experience

When families of any kind separate, whether married or unmarried, people’s lives are disrupted, finances are diminished and assets are threatened. If there are children involved, the family will still exist, but its nature will have changed dramatically.

I am Susan Pearlstein,* a family law attorney in Pittsburgh with more than 40 years of legal experience. I know how overwhelming it is to deal with the stress and strain of a custody dispute, financial debt, cohabitation separation, division of property, and many other family law concerns.

There is a solution to your family law problem. I will help you find it. Contact my law firm by email or calling 412-567-6143 .

Together, we can start the process of finding cost-effective, real-world answers that fit your situation. I am a lawyer who represents real people dealing with real-world problems — each of them unique.

My family law practice includes the following types of cases:

My commitment to each and every client is to find the best solution for your unique situation — I do not apply a cookie-cutter approach.

Every effort is made to negotiate a satisfactory and cost-effective resolution of your legal issues without resorting to litigation. However, if it is necessary to litigate, I am prepared to relentlessly, skillfully and knowledgeably advocate for your rights.

Collaborative Law: An Alternative Way To Resolve Your Divorce, Support, Or Custody Case

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution process in which lawyers, trained in the collaborative process, guide and support all parties in resolving their outstanding issues by seeking a mutually acceptable settlement. Each party has their own, specially trained, collaborative lawyer.

Collaborative lawyers work with each other and with their clients to arrive at the most fair and mutually agreeable outcome. This process helps parties to generate options that may go beyond the legal model for dispute resolution.

Each party agrees to make all good faith efforts not to go to court and, if litigation is unavoidable, then the lawyers for each party must withdraw from the case and cannot represent the parties in family court. Because of the noncombative nature of the process, collaborative divorces and custody cases often can cost less than the traditional process.

If this approach to resolving your divorce, Support, or custody case sounds appealing, then give me a call. As a trained collaborative lawyer, I am available to represent you in a collaborative divorce or custody case.

Helping Real People Solve Real-World Problems

My approach is to listen carefully to your underlying real concerns and help you find solutions that enable you to get on with your life. In addition, my extensive experience in the area of bankruptcy law and debt relief brings an especially helpful perspective if you are dealing with debt concerns at the same time as family law issues.

Read more about the realities of divorce in my article called, ” The Cost of Separation.

Contact my law office at 412-567-6143 or by email to schedule a consultation. I respond promptly to all phone calls and look forward to speaking with you.

*I practice law primarily in the areas of domestic relations and consumer debt. My law office is designated as a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.