When Your Divorce And Your Debt Are Inseparable

There are bankruptcies that are driven by divorce. There are divorces that are driven by debt. Sometimes people try to use bankruptcy as a way of avoiding the obligations they have in their divorce case. Not a lot of lawyers handle both bankruptcy and divorce; I do.*

If you are experiencing both financial and family difficulty, I am the right lawyer for you. I have helped countless clients find solutions to what they thought were insurmountable debts and family problems.

The Interplay Between Debt And Divorce And Your Rights

I can also help you deal with the complexities and the interplay between debt and divorce. For instance, I will be quick to advocate for your rights in situations like these:

  • Spouses who file for divorce and then file for bankruptcy to avoid paying on a marital credit card debt
  • Ex-spouses who simply stop paying mortgage payments previously agreed to, which puts the other spouse into foreclosure
  • Spouses who try to get out of spousal support or child support obligations by filing bankruptcy
  • Any other attempt to shift the burden of debt into the other person’s name or otherwise rid themselves of family obligations

Don’t Let Debt Keep You In An Unhappy Marriage Or Affect Your Future

If you are considering divorce and worried about debt, I can help. If the divorce is in your past, but the debt remains, I can help. If divorce caused you to suffer financial problems, I can help.

Call my office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at 412-567-6143 . You can also send me an email, and I will reach out to you.

*I practice law primarily in the areas of domestic relations and consumer debt. My law office is designated as a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.