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When Your Best Efforts Just Won’t Pay The Bills

You may not think you want to declare bankruptcy. It is usually a last resort after you have tried your best to make ends meet. But sometimes, even though you make your best effort to pay your bills, you just can’t afford that next mortgage payment or the next installment on the loan. This usually happens through no fault of your own:

  • If your overtime or work hours are cut

I am an attorney who has helped people find solutions to their legal problems for more than 40 years. I understand the tremendous strain that debt can place on your marriage, family, professional network, and physical and emotional well-being. I can help you understand your options, see things from a different perspective and chart a path back to financial solvency.

Read about my commitment to each client and about my firm’s philosophy. You can also get answers to common questions by reading our debt and divorce FAQs.

You Can Solve Financial Disputes In Bankruptcy Court Or Before

An alternative to filing lawsuits to resolve financial issues may be to engage in mediation. I am certified to act as a mediator to guide parties toward reasonable solutions to these complex disputes. In many situations, family law problems are entwined with financial difficulties.

Disputes in bankruptcy proceedings can evolve into contested matters or adversarial proceedings. These disagreements can be costly to litigate before a bankruptcy judge. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania embraces the concept of using mediation as an alternative to litigation. I serve as a mediator in bankruptcy matters to guide parties toward reasonable solutions to these complex disputes.

My background and experience are well-suited to guiding parties toward sensible solutions through mediation. A mediator acts as a third-party neutral and does not unilaterally resolve disputes. The parties are encouraged to reach their own solutions in this voluntary form of alternative dispute resolution.

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*I practice law primarily in the areas of domestic relations and consumer debt. My law office is designated as a debt relief agency that helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.