We are living through difficult times. This office remains open, under some restrictions, and committed to providing you with the best possible advice and representation throughout the pandemic.

For the next several weeks we are working from home. E-mail, US mail and phone service remain intact. Video conferencing and Facetime are available.

There are lots of court closures and limitations that may impact moving forward with your case. Your case may be delayed. Below is some information about two specific courts.

Allegheny County Family Court

Scheduled conferences and hearings in support, custody, equitable distribution, and divorce are postponed through at least May 8, 2020. Emergency motions will be heard via phone/video. Protection from Abuse matters will be heard.

Details: This means that if you have a hearing scheduled between now and May 8, 2020, it is cancelled. However, if you have a conciliation scheduled, it can still occur by phone/video conferencing, if you want it to occur.

We cannot presently schedule hearings/conferences/conciliations for future dates because there is no staff available to do the scheduling. So, for example, this office cannot schedule a support hearing or a custody hearing for some future date until the scheduling offices are up and running again. We can only guess about when that will occur, but it probably will not be prior to May 8th.

Emergency motions will be heard through phone/video. Many documents can still be filed electronically. Divorce cases can be filed.

Bankruptcy Court:

Bankruptcy Court is mostly running as normal. Scheduled hearings, conciliations etc. are being held by phone/video. Documents are filed electronically.

Please note that these are general statements. If you have individual, specific concerns, please contact this office. We are here to help. Stay calm, stay healthy.

We’ll get through this.